Permíteme eliminar tu ¡Spanglish!

Did I say I would assist in the meeting? – did I mean attend?

Is this you? You can write well enough in English, but you have some bad habits, confusions and blind spots. Let me suavizar your words, rearrange that tricky phrase and correct those irritating small words on … I mean in your writing.

I am an advanced Spanish speaker, who understands your Spanglish issues.

Free sample – send me 500 words

Ten confiaza en mi, la correctora inglesa – let me show you what I can do.

Email me a sample and let’s chat!

I use Microsoft Word Track Changes to correct your writing for precision and flow. Or, if you prefer, we can negotiate the best working method for you.

All of my queries will be respectful of your intentions, your voice and academic or work ethics.