With over 30 years’ experience in publishing and education worldwide, I am your flexible, approachable and creative wordsmith. Let me help you communicate your ideas in clear English.

Publishers – I have the skills to identify inconsistencies and cross-reference all the elements of your language learning materials.

Creative writers – I offer a fresh pair of eyes to help you achieve your original intention.

Students – Let me tidy up your paragraphs and reword phrases to help the reader follow your arguments.

Companies – Let me cast an eagle eye over your reports. I will follow your style guide and spot those easy-to-miss typos and omissions.

I hold a master’s degree in education and am a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading. I’m a Spanish speaker with a long history of international experience.


Do you need me to tidy up your blog, creative writing or thesis? I can sensitively re-phrase your words so that they flow more naturally for the reader. I’m a fan of plain-English editing, but equally at home with an extensive vocabulary range and complex sentence structures.


Do you need me to check your punctuation, grammar and spelling? I can review your documents at short notice, improving overall readability and accuracy.


Do you need me to write your English language learning materials? I have wide experience in writing teacher guides, student books and workbooks for all levels.

It has been a pleasure working with Alex across a number of projects. She is an excellent editor for both American English and British English texts, with an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of both.

I would recommend Alex to anyone who has proofreading and/or copy editing needs.

– Compass Publishing 2020

Qualifications and training
  • Word for Practical editing (CIEP)
  • Avallain digital platform
  • CIEP Copyediting
  • SfEP Proofreading
  • MA Education
  • PGCE secondary school
  • TEFL Diploma
  • BA Hons Visual Arts.
English as an Additional Language teaching
Why trust me?

I follow the CIEP code of practice and can send you a quote that justifies my fee. We would agree a contract that reflects your preferences and the industry standards.

Do you need a proofreader or copyeditor?

Get in touch

There is no such thing as a silly question, ask away! I am happy to send you my detailed CV or expand on my experience.

How much will this cost?

My rates vary according to your needs, please feel free to send me a sample and we can talk. See CIEP recommended rates here.