Samples of work

Thorough and professional.

– Alexander Wagner, Compass Publishing 2022

Copyediting your learning materials

Publishers ask me to scrutinise final drafts and flag up any discrepancies in headings, page numbers and content. I will tactfully query any language or images that may distract the reader, suggesting more helpful alternatives. I will follow your house style and create a job-specific style sheet, saving you time on future projects. I work in Word with Track Changes and use PDF comments and Mark Ups. I’m also trained in using BSI symbols.

See my video explaining my expertise:

Proofreading final drafts

I can sensitively proofread your final PDFs or Word documents for consistency and precision of grammar and spelling, correcting any oversights in typesetting. I offer careful cross-referencing of student’s books with digital materials, audio scripts and answer keys. My communication will be through respectful and professional queries where necessary.

I am sure most writers will agree that having your creative writing edited is rather traumatic, but Alex made it comfortable for me. I knew she was on my side and was partnering with me to make the best version of my m/s possible.

I’m extremely grateful for her hard work.

– Trudy Nixon, author 2020

Copyediting and proofreading your creative writing

Perhaps you are a prolific copywriter, with international clients. Your deadlines are short and you research a wide variety of topics. Your words need to be in plain English and your page needs to look clean and accessible.

Or are you a first time novelist needing a fresh pair of eyes and some hand holding while your baby takes its first steps into the public domain?

Do you need someone to check American and British English consistency in your blogposts? Together we can create compelling texts and develop your personal style sheet, making your future work consistently professional.

Copyediting and proofreading your academic writing

Your deadline is approaching and you have rushed the introduction and conclusion. You need help with the technical terms and bibliography. Is this you?

English is not your first language and you want to sound authoritative and professional. Would you like my help?

Together we can create professional, academic texts that follow your institution’s guidelines for tone, citations and bibliography.

Writing your learning materials

I can write your English language learning materials, meeting deadlines and communicating with your team professionally.

Teacher’s guides: Odyssey with online and face-to-face versions incorporating UN SDGs and transferable skills, Open day! and Compass (ELTon 2019 award-winning series) for Richmond Publishing, Mexico. Brain Juice for Dayton University Press.

Workbooks: middle school and secondary workbooks for Cambridge University Press and National Geographic.

Digital materials: re-writing general English materials for the business market.