Speed: Very quick, gave me the whole manuscript back in less than two months despite juggling multiple clients.

Attention to detail: Alex demonstrated thorough attention to each word selected for the manuscript, which pushed me to think about every single word I used on a deeper level.

Communication: Alex was very approachable, responsive, and easy to talk to. It was a smooth process.

I would absolutely recommend Alex to anybody and will hopefully work more with her in the future.

– Anonymous first-time fiction author

Thorough and professional

– Alexander Wagner, Compass Publishing 2022

Dear Alex, I have no words to thank you for proofreading and editing my materials carefully. You exceeded my expectations by giving constructive feedback on how the quality of the materials can be improved. As someone new to materials writing, I really appreciate the kind of feedback you have given.  I have no hesitation in recommending your work to anyone who may require your services.

– Rusiru Chitrasena, PhD candidate in ELT 2022

Hey Alex, These changes are great! I was really struggling with making things less repetitive when writing from the reader’s point of view.

I am a fan of the changes you have made so far, please feel free to continue.

– Karan Malhotra – volunteer author with Medito 2022

I approached you feeling rather insecure and unsure of myself. Thank you for the polishing and the support you offered every step of the way.

You scrutinized my writing with eagle-eyed attention to every tiny detail.

I had thought I was good; however, you punched up the quality and accuracy of my work! Thank you for the extremely rapid turnaround.

Prompt, friendly, helpful [communication].

– Petrina McGregor, author 2021

I’m still working with Alex on my fiction manuscript, but have been really enjoying working with her and appreciating the quality of her input. Her insights have raised things I never considered, and I think my manuscript will be much stronger because of Alex’s help. Thank you, Alex!

– Jacqueline Owens, author 2021

Alex, is very helpful and provides a wonderful service.

– Monique de Klerk, author 2021

It has been a pleasure working with Alex across a number of projects. She is an excellent editor for both American English and British English texts, with an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of both.

Alex has a great attention to detail and is willing to explain any stylistic inconsistencies she encounters.

– Fraser Barratt, Compass Publishing 2020

Alex was happy to communicate with me via email, WhatsApp or video call and, despite working in different time-zones, always made time to chat things through with me when requested.

Alex is extremely professional, and, at the same time, friendly and accessible. My novel has been a work in progress for a very long time. I gave her a manuscript that had undergone a number of iterations and desperately needed help!

Alex’s editorial suggestions were spot on and showed a respect for my writing style, whilst at the same time pointing out areas of concern and weakness. She identified some excellent plot, character and story conflicts and inaccuracies. She was able to identify sensitivity and repetition issues and made excellent suggestions on how to ‘fix’ things – which have made the novel much stronger.

– Trudy Nixon, author 2020

Consistent comments throughout the project and advice helped to build up the content. Appreciated her being willing to receive feedback and follow the directions.

– Yoonjin Ko, Compass Publishing 2020

Thank you for completing the task and for doing it on time. Your help on this project is greatly appreciated!

Great job on adding the missing presentation numbers and for checking if the titles matched.

Thinking of keeping the wrong presentation number and its questions just in case was a great initiative! 

– Clarisse Girod-Garufi, Lingoda 2019


Alex completed all of the tasks within the agreed time frame.

Alex has a great attention to detail and is willing to explain any stylistic inconsistencies she encounters.

Alex is very easy to communicate with and responds well to feedback.

– Fraser Barratt, Compass Publishing 2020


Writing a blurb for a novel

Alex supplied a service that not only met what I asked for but went beyond what I thought I needed. Didn’t even think of asking for the publishers notes and yet Alex supplied it anyway. I wouldn’t hesitate in commissioning her skills again.

Less than one week to read and write blurb, one sentence tagline and publishers notes.

All email communication was answered within a few hours with complete understanding of what I needed.

– Lucas Stewart, author 2021


Very high quality work at a very quick pace, too.

I’ll let the other editors in the office know [you’re available] and recommend you highly!

Really excellent throughout, thanks very much.

Great stuff and well done! Thank you very much for this and in general for your work throughout the level.

– Dominic Wright, Richmond Publishing 2018