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Another CIEP blog post coming later in 2022!

May 2022 Coming soon!

April 2022 Another contribution to the CIEP blogpost on the importance of membership in our community

January 2022 CIEP weekly video meetings are an essential for me (deadlines permitting). Read what a diverse bunch of proofreaders and editors we are!

December 2021 Read about how meditation helps me edit in this Medito blog post.

October 2021 Read about my work in sustainability in this CIEP blog post.

March 2021 Taking editing tests Contributor to the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading blog CIEP blogWhat do editors and proofreaders think of taking tests?

February 2021 Types of editing part 1 Contributor to Untold StoriesEditors

March 2021 Types of editing part 2 Contributor to Untold StoriesEditors: part two